A photo shot by my cousin in which I converted into black and white.


Behind Every Notes

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”

I was really honored that I was invited by my IG friend to participate a photography community called PhilPitik, so I decided to dig up my files that were kept for years. Being a student note taker, it is indeed a great idea to apply the lessons that I learned from the photography class that I’ve worked with.

“Joyride 2.0”

“Pahiyom” (Smile)

“Tsinelas” (Slippers)

“Daryang” (My niece)

“Sack Race 1.0”


“Ice Drop Man”



“Blowing Bubbles”


“Ready To Dance”


“Too Heavy”




“Paired: No Entry for Other Love”


“Raise It Up”


“Sipaka Point”


“Morning Talk (The Bird and The Carabao)”


“Infinite Peace”


“Tsinelas 2.0”


“Lift Me Up 1.1”


“Lift Me Up 1.0”


“Lady In Red 2.0”



“Life may have darkness but if we found the things that makes our life happier, do not hesitate nor be scared to represent your self. Never doubt your instinct, share and allow others to feel that even if they always see the darkness, inside our heads are colorful and unlimited ideas that is always ready to erupt. “

(I put a 12v car bulb to lit it up and the result is “The Joker”.)


New Found

I always had the interest of exploring the art world like doing all the plausible creation which is basically based on my own perception. As they said being in the arts field of interest is limitless. There is no written boundary on how you create a certain masterpiece. 

It actually allows me to discover new things when I tried to explore the creative world of arts. I did photography though I know from my self that I am still struggling. I tried sketching, doodling and backyard art like recycle thrashy materials for my house. Then few days ago, I explored the world of light painting by using my ios phone with the application installed on it. It was actually a suggestion from my experienced cousin who is a known photographer in our town.

It was indeed a feeling of great achievement in my life. When I was doing it, I even allow my cousins to witnessed whilst I was playing around with my phone. It is very spontaneous and emotionally driven piece, which is of course it was based in my own comprehension and interpretation.


( The two pictures was my basis or the medium for my light reference )

And the following pictures are the result:
Smile Now, Cry Later•


•Mental Suicide•


•Baby Drag’on•